Use : Outdoors
Evergreen/Deciduous : Deciduous
Plant Type : Tree
Flower Colour : Pink to mauve
Foliage Colour : Blue green
Best Season : Summer
Light : Sun
Hardiness : Semi-hardy
Attributes : Fragrant
Height (m) : 6
Spread (m) : 4

Pompon Tree

Notes : The Dais Cotinifolia or Pompon Tree is one of a genus of 25 species. Very fast-growing, wind-resistant tree with a rounded crown. Often adopts a shrubby multi-stemmed habit in the garden. Tubular pink flowers appear in dense pompon shaped clusters. Flowers cover the tree from a young age and have a tendency to hang on the tree long after they have faded. It may be evergreen in a mild climate. The fruit is a very small reddish-brown nutlet. Grow in fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Requires adequate watering. Responds well to pruning and can be trained into a standard. Grows well in a container. Can be planted close to buildings due to its non-aggressive root system. Propagate easily from fresh seed or stem cuttings.