Use : Outdoors
Evergreen/Deciduous : Evergreen
Plant Type : Succulent
Flower Colour : Red, orange
Foliage Colour : Blue, green, red, purple
Best Season : All year
Light : Sun to semi shade
Hardiness : Semi hardy
Attributes : Drought resistant
Height (m) : .30
Spread (m) : .05


Notes: The echevaria is excellent for rockeries and dry parts of the garden. These low-growing, stemless or short-stemmed succulents form dense clumps of rosettes of waxy leaves in ice-blue, sea-green, reds and purples. Red or orange bell-shaped flowers are borne on long curving stems.

Will grow throughout the country except in areas with severe frost. Needs a very well-drained position, particularly in areas with high rainfall. Where outdoor conditions are unfavourable, grow in a glasshouse.

Grows well in any or­dinary garden soil. The smaller species need semi-shade, the larger need full sun. Must be well watered in summer and be fairly dry in winter.
Grow from offshoots and leaf cuttings.