Use : Outdoors and Indoors
Evergreen/Deciduous : Deciduous
Plant Type : Perennial
Flower Colour : Green to White
Foliage Colour : Green or white with red,
pink or green veining
Best Season : Spring to Summer
Light : Low Light
Hardiness : Frost-tender
Attributes :
Height (m) : 0.15 – 0.30
Spread (m) : 0.13 – 0.20

Angel wings

Notes : This tuberous plant, the Caladium bicolor or angel wings, has paper thin, heart shaped leaves. The leaf colours and patterns range from green leaves with red veining to white and cream leaves veined with pink or green. Sometimes one plant will have several colours on a single leaf.

Potting and Growing Conditions

Prefers a somewhat shady position in a warm atmosphere of between 16° to 20° Celsius. Requires fairly high humidity – mist frequently with tepid water. Grow in 1 part sand, 1 part standard potting mix and 2 parts peat moss.


Start feeding when leaves first appear. Feed weekly from October to March with a mild liquid fertiliser. Once the leaves are growing well, the plant may keep for months, even in a cool living room or hall. Water freely from spring to summer. Needs good drainage. From the end of March, gradually decrease the water supply until all the foliage has died. Remove dead foliage as it withers. The tuber may spend the winter either in or out of the pot at a temperature of 10 to 16 degrees Celsius.


Tuber clumps may be split when repotting in spring.

Pests and Diseases

Watch for aphids, mealybugs, red spiders, scale and thrips.