Use : Outdoors
Evergreen/Deciduous : Deciduous
Plant Type : Bulb
Flower Colour : Blue, mauve, red, white or cream
Foliage Colour : Green
Best Season : Winter
Light : Sun
Hardiness : Semi-hardy
Attributes :
Height (m) : 0.10 – 0.30
Spread (m) : up to 0.5

Baboon flower

Notes : Genus of 50 – 60 species. Round, marble-sized corm, clothed in a densely matted reddish tunic. Winter growing. Dormant in summer. Cup-shaped, six-petalled blooms of thumbnail size are arranged along a 20 centimetre floral spike.

The blooms open successively from the lowest upwards. Colours range from blue to mauve, red, white and cream. Foliage is hairy and linearly ribbed. Most Babianas available are hybrids of the species Babiana stricta. They are so called because baboons are said to relish the corms.