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Month: December 2016

Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants Insectivorous or carnivorous or plants have a trapping device for catching small living animals. They decompose the proteins of insect bodies, with the help of acidic enzymes and then use special glands to...

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Summer bedding plants

SUMMER BEDDING PLANTS Color is the first thing that catches the eye in a garden, and is achieved by the clever use of summer bedding plants. Even though we’re keeping water usage to a minimum, we can still create a colorful...

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Attracting wildlife to the garden

ATTRACTING WILDLIFE TO THE GARDEN We don’t just mean birds when we talk about attracting wildlife to the garden. There are a host of other animals that are already in your garden and many more that you will be able to encourage...

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Aphids on roses

How to deal with aphids on your roses The most common of the bad bugs to be found on roses in spring is the Aphid. There are at least 4000 varieties of aphids. They attack the soft succulent new growth of roses by means of their...

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